This a web page dedicated to showing the basics of how to create an email account. We will use Protonmail as an example because they are simple to use, and come with a lot of features for their free account.

When making an email account, or any account online, please consider that the data you send over the internet has a chance of being viewed.

Generally, making an account on the internet involves giving up some information for access to a service and possibly an accompanying application on the web. In the case of Protonmail, we just need to make an account name and a password.

When we’re done, we will have an email service that we can access using these credentials. We can use them on the website using the web application, or use a 3rd party email client that we trust, like Thunderbird.

Alright, let’s get started.

  1. First, visit the sign up website: https://protonmail.com/signup and select the free plan, or a paid plan if you want more features.

protonmail sign up page

  1. Create a user name for the email account and a strong password

    protonmail sign up form

    • Note: The longer a password is the better it is. Try to remember a phrase that you can mix in an occasional number or character for an easy to remember password.
    • Example: Wh@tIsAG00dPassw0rdAl3x
    • Source: https://howsecureismypassword.net/
  2. That’s it! Now you can send and receive email. You can log in at https://protonmail.com and see a web application to help you do this.