S3 storage was invented as a way to securely store static data over the web. Some applications, like Gitlab, can use it to store static data like backups. Once you have a Digitalocean account, this page will explain how to:

  • Create a Spaces space
  • Create an API key for it for Gitlab
  1. Click Spaces on the left, this will show you an empty spaces dashboard.

do make spaces

Click Create a Space, and you’ll see the form.

do make spaces 1

  • Select your datacenter region
  • Select a unique name for the space subdomain

do make spaces 2

Then hit Create a Space, and you will be brought to your Spaces dashboard. This is where you can view all files for your space.

do spaces dashboard

Now let’s make an API key that we can use in Gitlab to read and write to this Spaces location.

On the bottom left of Digitalocean’s control panel, you can hit API. You can scroll down a little bit and see the area to create a Spaces access key.


Click Generate New Key, and name it gitlab

do spaces dashboard

Then you will be presented with your public and private key. These keys can be used to access any Digitalocean spaces data.

do spaces keys


The private key is: SGRcKLuuWdv4UI3GY4E2kFvjc1NaTJgQnSMe/D8pLSc

Now we can continue on to installing Gitlab on our Ubuntu server, and use these keys in the Gitlab configuration