Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

When you buy a domain from a company like Google, Google would provide you with a way to update your domain settings. There are a variety of settings, but you can think of the settings simply as “When people visit 80pxtesting.com, which server IP address do I point that to?” You can simply manage this on Google’s website, or we can change the nameserver’s for the domain to use Digitalocean’s control panel. The latter is nice, because you can change anything about your architecture in one control panel, while still having a fall back on your original domain registrar as well.

Let’s change the nameservers for the 80pxtesting.com domain from Google domains to Digitalocean. If you look inside of Digitalocean’s network settings, you find that you can add a domain.

do add domain

Once you add your domain, you’ll reach this screen. Now we can manage our domains, and our servers all from Digitalocean’s control panel.

do after add domain

But first, we must change our settings from where we initially bought our domain to say “use digitalocean for management”. This means setting the nameservers on Google domain to Digitalocean’s.

do ns notification

Here would be an example of being inside of your Google domain settings.

google domain dashboard

You can click DNS on the left, and you’ll see which domains Google has set up for you using their DNS servers. (ns-cloud-a1, etc)

google domain dns

Click use custom name servers to now change to Digitalocean’s as per their tutorial


google domain dns do

Then you can save, and now your domain can be managed in Digitalocean’s network panel!

do network panel