Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Whenever we want to make our own website, we need to purchase our own .com. There are many websites that do this. You may have heard of some like GoDaddy, Namecheap. We’re using Google domains, because they offer free privacy support.

This process usually involves making an account, adding payment information (we’re not going to share this part), and buying the domain. Afterwards, you are left with a web application that you can make changes to the configuration of your domain.

  1. Search and select an available domain. Add it to your cart.

    search and buy google domain page

  2. Sign in, or sign up for a google account

    create a new google account for google domains

  3. Make sure privacy protection is on for your domain when you go to check out. You can also choose to auto-renew if you’d like to prevent someone else from purchasing your domain when your ownership expires.

    enable domain privacy

  4. Enter your information in case something happens with your domain and you need to be contacted.

    domain contact information for icann

  5. Add your payment information, and checkout.

    review domain purchase

  6. You’re done! Now you can access your domain settings through the Google domains web app.

    google dashboard

At this point we recommend that if your web host supports name server DNS management to use them. This simplifies where you need to go to make architectural changes for your application, while still having a backup if need be.

Here is how to set your Google domain to use Digitalocean nameservers.